Work With Me

[text_output]Succeeding in business requires education, analysis, and application.  Through application you gain experience and develop into a savvy business owner who can spot the trends and opportunities.  I work with people in different ways and would love to work with you.  Below are the different ways we can connect.

  • Search my site – There are many helpful resources and articles on this site.  The articles on my blog provide actionable information to help you improve your business.  You can also check out the resource page to get a list of recommended tools to use in your business.
  • Subscribe – You can subscribe to my updates.  I publish one new blog post per week.  I write articles to actually help you figure out how to solve problems in your business.  I cover vision/planning, financial solutions, leadership, organizational structure, risk management, and sales/marketing.



  • Take one of my courses – If you are serious about starting a business or changing your situation in the business you already own, the courses are a great place to begin.  You will learn the fundamentals of business you must incorporate to succeed and gain more confidence in building the business you have dreamed about.  The most important part is how you will be able to improve your personal life through improving your business.
  • Hire me as a consultant – If you would rather work one-on-one and get specific help with your situation, I am available for you.  Please go to the contact form, fill out the information, and I will contact you to discuss your needs.
  • Book me as a speaker – I am passionate about small business and seeing small business owners succeed.  If you need a speaker for an event to inspire and educate small business owners, please contact me and I will discuss the opportunity with you.

My business is helping you improve your business.  If you have a different idea than what is listed above, contact me and let’s discuss.[/text_output]