Keep Your Dream Close

We all have that moment when an idea for a business first enters our mind. I hope before you do anything else, you evaluate the idea against your personal vision and make sure it is a fit. I want to encourage you when the business idea comes, keep it to yourself as you develop it.

An idea needs time to build into a dream that can become a vision. Too many small business dreams are destroyed before they ever have time to take root. Starting a business takes a great amount of work and a lot of faith. I saw a sign on a church today that said do not pull up in doubt what you planted in faith. This is the reason I want you to hold the idea close.

When you begin to share an idea in its infancy with random people, you will inherently develop some doubts because you do not have all the answers. I believe doubt has killed more great ideas than anything else. The discussion will involve either several questions you cannot answer, negativity toward the idea in some form, or blind support with no substance.

You may have that one confidant who provides the right input and support, but I still encourage you to not share your idea until you give it time to develop. In this early stage, most feedback does not help your idea take root and grow.

You have different types of people in your life. You have those who are comfortable with you as you are. They do not want you to make radical changes because you will make them uncomfortable with their life and their situation. Rather than embracing their feelings that maybe they can make changes to pursue their dream, they want you to play it safe and validate them no moving. These are not trusted advisors and you should not involve these people in your idea formation.

Other types of people are those who are more mature and will encourage and challenge you. These people are good advisors and good people to have in your life. You can at some point discuss your idea with these people and get some clarity and challenges to the idea. This conversation should not happen until you have developed the idea more.

Once you have developed a vision, completed your research to determine if the opportunity is viable, and have a basic idea of how you would pursue it, you are ready to get some feedback. You have information to back up your idea and answer the challenge questions. You have a more developed belief in your idea and can face some adversity to it.

Your dream is something important. You should never allow others to take away what only you know the depths of. Eventually you will share it with the world. First, allow the seed to take root and grow. When your roots are strong, you can clearly answer the tough questions and endure some adversity while still hold on to your dream.

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