Improve Your Business By Asking For Help

Being a small business owner means carrying lots of titles.  I was working with a client a few weeks back to develop an organizational chart and found the owner’s name filled 7 of the positions listed in the company.  With so much responsibility, how do you spend the time needed to work on your business?  It can be difficult.  I have been in the same situation and after spending 10-12 hours every day working in the business to make sure you generate enough sales and revenue to stay in business, I did not want to spend another few hours working on business systems.  It is so crucial to establish the systems you will operate by during the planning stage and augment them as you start the business rather than waiting until later to figure it out.
What happens if you skipped that step when starting your business and now everything revolves around you?  Regardless of how busy you are or how much you think you have to do everything, you will have to set aside some time to create and implement processes to take some pressure off you.  Otherwise, you are doomed to live the same day over and over again.  The good news is you can ask for some help.  Below are a few tips to help you work on your business.
1.  Look for internal talent to help you:  If you are a small business with a few employees, look to your internal staff to see who you can delegate projects to that create processes in your business.  You drive the process and make the decision about how the project is completed but work with a trusted staff member to get the tedious work done.  This does not work in every case but some projects that will help you can be handled by a staff member with your direction.
2.  Spend a few hours twice a month on your day off to work on your business away from the office:  it is extremely difficult to get much done during the work day with all the responsibilities of your business.  Take a small amount of time away from the office on a weekend or your day off to work on improving your business and planning to build the company that will lessen your stress.
3.  Ask for help:  You may not think you need help or you are not large enough to hire a consultant.  The truth is investing in your business improvement is sometimes the highest return you will receive.  I learned many business lessons by hiring people who knew more than me to teach me how to improve my business.  I also attended classes and seminars to learn how to make my business life less stressful.  Consultants can work with you to determine your goals and then develop processes to improve you business and your life.
I love small business owners because you are some of the hardest working, honest people on the earth.  You impact lives throughout the world providing more jobs than large corporations.  You deserve a better life with less stress and more rewards.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results.  If your business is inefficient and every system revolves around you (or everything is in your head), more money and more work will only increase the problems and inefficiency exponentially.  Take the time necessary to honestly look at your business and implement the changes you need to get the life you want.
If you have questions or need some help, contact me for a free discussion.

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