Do you want to start a business to change your lifestyle?  Are you tired of owning a business that controls your life?  Small Business Dream was started for you.  As a small business owner you set out with a dream in your heart.  It is a hope of a better life where you can control your own destiny and make an impact your way.  You start to see the vision form and get excited about the prospect.  You let yourself dream a bit and feel the joy.

You may have started on that journey and have lost the vision you started with.  You have settled in to what the business has become and don’t know how to change it.  You are in the right place to get some help.

You may be wanting to finally start that business you have been dreaming about for years.  You know you can be successful but are unsure where to get started.  I can guide you step by step through the process.

I am Darrell Powell and I love small business owners. Do you know that every year over 500,000 new small businesses are started in the US?  What is troubling to me is MORE businesses CLOSE every year than are started!  Why do so many businesses not survive?   I am on a mission to make an impact on this number and help as many business owners as possible either start with a greater chance of success or turn around their current business.

I started my career in my dad’s HVAC company at the age of 7.  I learned to live in a small business home environment at an early age.  We had a good life but it seemed to take over our lives.  When I graduated college, I came back to the family business and started working to take it over.  I realized very quickly there had to be a better way to run the business where it did not take over our lives.  I started reading business books, going to seminars, talking to consultants, studying the business to learn how we could do it better.  At this point, business became my passion.  Over the past 17 years, I have worked in small business, owned small businesses, and consulted with small business owners.  I did not learn about business in a classroom.  My experience came from owning businesses, managing businesses, and starting businesses.  I have worked with several small business owners to grow revenue, implement procedures, increase profitability, understand financials, improve management skills, implement strategies, research new business plans, sell companies, and transition businesses from one generation to the next.

I have been in the situations you experience. I understand the pressure of owning a company and the toll it can take on your personal life.  I respect what you are doing and the dream you have of a better life through owning your own business.  I want to help you achieve your small business dream.

Please check out the Work With Me page if you are interested in starting your Small Business Dream.  For the tools I recommend, check out the Resources page.  You can also get started by creating your vision statement.  Request your free Vision Statement Guide below.
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